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Advancement of Economic-Commerce  and Entrepreneurscogentescort aims to step up for exaltation of  it’s members. In order to achieve such aims the cogentescort, (1) Shall be Proposed to conduct business seminars, introduce modern business trends, various business solutions, services,business management..etc and to help the members to increase their bargaining power in the labour market, boost up the ability of transaction of money and assets among members themselves and with others.  (2) Shall be encouraged entrepreneurship in members. (3) Shall be made project on Information technology and introduce other innovative technologies in moderate means. (4) shall be to provided guidance and assistance of business consultancies and experts and shall be developed a platform for all trades. (5) Shall be encouraged business groups, cottage industries, small scale business etc. (6) The establishments or entities which are made contract or co- operate or  not with cogentescort, will be categorised  by on their performance in various aspects and shall be provided with proper support on that end. (7) cogentescort will be reserved the sole right to upgrade or degrade their standard or make blacklisting any establishments or such entities after strict evaluation and reviews by the experts based on honesty, purity of goods, and efficiency in service on a fixed criteria made by the Bharana samithi. (8) Shall be given certificate on their excellence.